[Dev] Migration from the GNU/Linux distribution of Antergos

Franco Masotti franco.masotti at student.unife.it
Tue Sep 13 17:30:54 GMT 2016

Hello everyone,

fyi, I've added the page [1] in the wiki.
I've used the Manjaro page as template.
I tried the migration under qemu with the following

Host = Parabola GNU/Linux-libre x86_64
Guest = Antergos x86_64 (Gnome && Mate)

When I tried the Gnome version, qemu freezed right in 
the middle of the substitution of Antergos packages.
So when I have rebooted the machine it just freezed at the grub
since the grub mkconfig command was not issued.

Then I tried the Mate version.
I was able to complete the migration, however a few minutes
later it just freezed again :(
This time it seemed fine at the reboot, 
but the only (black) destop panel available before the migration
(strange since mate should have the traditional Gnome menus) 
dissapeared. So I was left with a useless greenish passive 
desktop (right click didn't do anything).

This is very strange... I don't know if it's an issue of 
qemu or Antergos...

It would be interesting to try the migration process 
on real hardware to see if the same issue occurs.

Of course we also need to be certain that all non free stuff
gets removed with the migration steps I've proposed.
For this reason I added a warning:

Warning: This method has not been thoroughly tested, 
so it might be inaccurate.



Franco Masotti
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