[Dev] [News] GNU and Bola comic book titled "IoT" is available in British English language!

Adonay Felipe Nogueira adfeno at openmailbox.org
Sat Sep 10 18:12:42 GMT 2016

I recently made a short review of an article about IoT for a college
work. In the review I basically criticized the fact that most materials
about IoT don't mention issues related to the absence of software
freedom, and how it's important to society in general (not just
technical people). It's not technical, since I'm not a technician, and
I'm still doing my bachelor's degree on business administration.

If someone knows a journal where I can publish this short review, I
thank you all, specially if they have clear licensing policies to at
least allow sharing of the articles.

I support IoT things, **but** I demand software freedom for society (not
just me) first, this is my *sine qua non* (condition without which
there's no "deal"/support). This is probably what all free/libre
software demand for anyways, I'm just telling you this in case there are
newcomers here.
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