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Isaac David isacdaavid at isacdaavid.info
Fri Oct 7 22:29:45 GMT 2016

Le lun. 3 oct. 2016 à 15:32, fauno <fauno at endefensadelsl.org> a écrit 
> * Just put the person's name on the thank you list instead of a 
> mention
>   per donation

but it wouldn't really mitigate targeted spam if the cost of creating
and disposing names is low, would it? I could use a different name
every time. Which of the currently accepted systems allow named
donors to do this? (Maybe this is not an issue practically speaking).

On the other hand some legit donations are driven by recognition,
to be blunt. Collapsing records by donor may have an impact on
the motivations of some future donors. One plausible solution is to
track a donor's name along his/her total contribution and last time
of contrubution. I don't think it would place an extra burden on you
since that information is already being managed *per donation*.
Donors would still risk having their contributions misattributed
to a homonym, though.

> * Keep accounting separately, on an adequate file (a gnu cash file
>   attached to the wiki for transparency).

I think separating the "thank you" list from the directions on how to
contribute may do some good regardless of medium (distinct wiki
pages vs file attachment) and the contents' format (full donations vs
grouping by name). However I don't see much of a difference TBH.

> * Set a minimum donation for appearing on the thank you list (perhaps 
> 10
>   USD or equivalent?  just to fend off publicity)

I believe this is a good idea considering the record.  With a sample
size of 39, the average donation is at ~84 USD as of now (all currencies
weighed in). In terms of spreadness, there're only 2 donations below
10 USD or equivalent ---one is close to it, the other is a complete
outlier---. Also a generous anon is heavily biasing that average upwards
with a 2 BTC contribution, so 84 USD is way too high, but I think we've
got a handle to expect future donors not to be alienated by a
reasonable minimum quantity.

Isaac David
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