[Dev] build server

M.E.W. m.e.wiesner at posteo.de
Sun Nov 20 14:30:43 GMT 2016


i wanted to make a donation and saw that you need some build server for
security and security sounds good, so i like to help. So for what do you
need build server and what specs does a proper build server have? Is
something like PCEngines APU with coreboot or the BeagleBoard-X15 enough
for example. Just tell me more.

Bye for now!

P.S. and why are so many people here with google mail accounts. I know
that is a complete other topic. But Google Inc. sucks...i mean literally
all of your data(and sadly my mail adress, too). I do not need any
answers for this i am just loud thinking its a free world and YOUR
decision of course but in a libre community it feels just very bad placed.

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