[Dev] Should we have a parabola image on docker hub?

Isaac David isacdaavid at isacdaavid.info
Sat May 21 20:35:24 GMT 2016

Le sam. 21 mai 2016 à 5:53, Andrey Korobkov <korobkov at fryxell.info> a 
écrit :
> I also wanted to ask someone to make Parabola docker container: as a 
> Free Software developer,
> I already use only free development tools, and would be glad to have 
> a fully free testing environment for my programs.
> Now I'm using Trisquel semi-official docker image 
> (https://hub.docker.com/r/kpengboy/trisquel/).
> Semi-official because the Trisquel project still didn't give it an 
> official status (would be nice to have).
> May be Parabola team could make their image fully offical?

> On Sat, 21 May 2016 05:48:15 +0200
> aurelien <aurelien at hackers.camp> wrote:
>>  It is free in price to create one repository, I do not know if it is
>>  free as in freedom (at this time), but if it is we could have a 
>> parabola
>>  image over there :-)

Docker Hub perpetuates the usual freedom issue of software
repositories: it distributes non-libre software. That probably
explains why Trisquel doesn't endorse the particular docker
container on that site.

The libreplanet-discuss mailing list has touched the possibility
of creating a liberated docker repository,[1] in the same spirit
of libre distros like Parabola, and as part of what would be a
wider effort to provide FSDG-compliant repositories for
programming language package managers.[2]

I don't use Docker. I'm personally satisfied with our ISO images,
but of course I don't object to the mere creation of a Parabola
container for Docker. I just don't think Parabola should endorse
the Docker repository.

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