[Dev] Should we have a parabola image on docker hub?

Andrey Korobkov korobkov at fryxell.info
Sat May 21 10:53:26 GMT 2016

Hello all!

I also wanted to ask someone to make Parabola docker container: as a Free Software developer,
I already use only free development tools, and would be glad to have a fully free testing environment for my programs.

Now I'm using Trisquel semi-official docker image (https://hub.docker.com/r/kpengboy/trisquel/).
Semi-official because the Trisquel project still didn't give it an official status (would be nice to have).
May be Parabola team could make their image fully offical?

Also, the docker hub isn't the only registry out there: there is also much more nice and powerful registry here: https://quay.io/
One of their main advantages is regular automatic testing of stored images for vulerabilities (https://blog.quay.io/quay-secscanner-clair1/).
Others are support of rkt containers (much more secure and isolated than docker ones, see https://coreos.com/rkt/),
support for Gitlab (instead of github only at docker hub),
multiple parallel builds for several images (versus only one at docker hub) and colorful badges for image statuses (ready/building/failed).

It also could be a place to host the parabola docker image.
They offer free unlimited public images and ask for payments only if someone want private ones.
I myself already use this service (https://quay.io/repository/korobkov/trisquel-chruby and similar)
and could definitely advice it to others.

Andrey Korobkov

On Sat, 21 May 2016 05:48:15 +0200
aurelien <aurelien at hackers.camp> wrote:

> Hello mates!
> Since we have docker in our community repo, I have get time to have a
> deeper look to that technology.
> The point is that docker is really efficient and powerfull solution that
> use image from its hub. https://hub.docker.com/explore/
> If you get time to have a look there, you will see that some distro
> start to have their image.
> It is free in price to create one repository, I do not know if it is
> free as in freedom (at this time), but if it is we could have a parabola
> image over there :-)
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