[Dev] Compliments & Suggestions

Carl & Kim powers at copper.net
Fri May 20 18:34:16 GMT 2016

First, let me say that I don't know is the right place to be as I'm not 
a developer or hacker - just a long time linux user, distro junkie, and 
desktop junkie.  Looked for forums, but didn't find them.

I wish to compliment all of the real developers, packagers, etc who have 
created Parabola.  I found it by accident while searching distrowatch 
for free linux distros.

I have downloaded and installed the 16.03 Mate iso and must say I am 
quite pleased with the results.  Only hiccup was having to look up the 
systemd command to start X automatically on bootup.  Could that be added 
to the installation?  So far it seems much better than other free 
versions I have tried (gNewsense, Trisquel, Blag) - more complete and up 
to date.  I like that is based on Arch and it's rolling release cycle.

I don't know if this 16.03 edition is an official or testing release as 
it is not listed on distrowatch but it does seem like it's at least 
ready for prime time testing.  Your distrowatch listing is sadly out of 
date, not having been updated since 2012. May I suggest the listing be 
upgraded to get you more exposure, and hopefully, help.

Again, my compliments to you.  Keep up the good work.


> dev at list.parabola.nuuite

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