[Dev] [consensus][due: 2016-05-19] New colour proposal for Parabola logo and branding

Crazytoon crazytoon at riseup.net
Fri May 13 04:55:53 GMT 2016

El 13/05/16 a las 00:49, coadde escribió:
> On 05/13/2016 12:31 AM, André Silva wrote:
>> On 05/12/2016 07:06 PM, nicolasmaia at tutanota.com wrote:
>>> Luke's proposal sounds like a nice compromise between blue and purple.
>>> I'd just like to see what it would look like, in the logo, before
>>> endorsing it outright.
>> I prefer our current colour since it combines perfectly with our
>> branding, and our mascots GNU and Bola, in some words, our current
>> colour was born to be of Parabola ;)
> +1 i agree with Emulatorman since crazytoon and me have tested a lot of
> colours and doesn't combines well with our mascots since they fall
> outside stand too.

After making a new analysis more in detail, by interacting colour logo
type with our mascots, and although always emphasis to highlight the
purple colour in all wallpapers, branding that were done, I have come to
the conclusion just as coadde and Emulatorman did, that in some words,
we should remain with the initial colour with which so far has used.

As can be seen in this second material we sent you, from my point of
view it is evident that the colour logo should not compete with the
characters, and vice-versa. Perhaps a proof that there is an implicit
harmony in this form of interaction of colours, is the unanimous
acceptance of the our community that we have witnessed so far.

In another sense, with respect to the development of wallpapers,
cartoons, branding, etc, in art there is what is commonly called "poetic
license" which allows us, in a sense, of course respecting the main
bases of artistic development, it allows us to cite one example, make
wallpapers with the logo of Parabola flying among the clouds with light
shades of bright colours in the logo, which enhances more the spectacle
of a beautiful sunset.

Therefore, and despite my constant preoccupation with violet tones, I
must admit that it may be better let the current color composition as so
far been used always in our distro.


P.S: I'm sending you our analysis more in detail made by coadde and me
about the colours in our logo and mascots. [0][1][2]


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