[Dev] New server Specs

Luke g4jc at openmailbox.org
Wed May 4 22:11:59 GMT 2016

I just received authorization and have been sent login information for
our new server!!

Our generous sponsor is 1984 Web Hosting (www.1984.is)! They provide
ethical hosting that utilizes free software, green energy, and a focus
on privacy and civil rights.
We will have to make a press release about it soon.

Here are the specifications:
Location: 	Reykjavík, Iceland

RAM: 	4608 MB

CPUs: 	8

Disk space: 	73728 MB


  * Transfer quota:: 900.00 GB/month
  * Received: 0.00 GB
  * Transmitted: 0.00 GB
  * Total: 0.00 GB



I am sending VPS Portal details to fauno, mtjm, lukeshu, and
Emulatorman. We will need to setup the server as needed, the tech
support team has already added "Parabola GNU/Linux-libre ISO" as an
install option for us.


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