[Dev] New server - Consensus Needed

Isaac David isacdaavid at isacdaavid.info
Wed May 4 21:54:57 GMT 2016

Le mer. 4 mai 2016 à 16:24, André Silva <emulatorman at riseup.net> a 
écrit :
> In my opinion, i prefer the new one for package/multimedia hosting and
> the old one for website/labs/git/revision controls for multimedia. 
> What
> do you think?

I also like the idea of putting the old server to use, but I would like 
make sure the following questions are addressed before deciding what
things to put on which server:

How could we take advantage of the privacy bonus of the new server?,
Are there some things that would benefit more from using that privacy?

What is the cost of migration? Can we move any service just as easily
as any other?

Also, what are the things that need the increased resources of the
new server more. I see a potential dilemma here:

The new server doesn't just have more disk but also more RAM, and it's
the network services (maybe not all of them) that need more computing
power AFAIK. I don't think we spend a lot of CPU and RAM hosting 
artwork and running related tools like dbscripts; do we? On the other 
we would also like more room for storing more packages and artwork.
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