[Dev] Parabola's Final Budget for FISL17

André Silva emulatorman at riseup.net
Wed May 4 07:47:30 GMT 2016

Budget estimation is around € 555 for Parabola participation at FISL17.
See the budget file saved in our site [0] for further details.

BTW, I would make 3 stickers (Parabola mascots/symbol with blacktext [1]
and whitetext [2] logo and another one with just Parabola mascots/symbol
[3]). There is a printing that could make it (eg. 50 vinyl stickers 8cm
x 8cm at € 11) our mascots/symbol with text logos are 13.8cm x 5.3cm and
just mascots/symbol is 3.8cm x 5.3cm, could we make it? 50, 100 or 500
stickers? What do you think?

Another way is looking for budgets about it in another places (eg.
Argentina) or some of our hackers like Luke .R in USA to see if it is
more cheaper than the place that i'm now and send me through Miami-Box.
There is a tarball about those images with svg format [4] and signature
made by coadde [5]


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