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Tue Mar 29 23:44:42 GMT 2016

On 03/29/16 01:03, Isaac David wrote:
> Le dim. 27 mars 2016 à 15:34, fauno <fauno at endefensadelsl.org> a écrit :
>> hey, i did a quick search on community cube and the first thing i found
>> is a kickstarter campaign where people is complaining about CC not
>> fulfilling delivery dates and wondering if it was a scam after all.
>> https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/communitycubes/communitycube-lets-build-a-fair-internet/comments
>> https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/communitycube-the-nsa-hates-us#/comments
>> https://www.linkedin.com/company/community-cube
>> From what i gather over these emails is that enrique is willing to pay
>> parabola hackers to develop a 100% libre distro for the community cube
>> hardware?  what would be our role in these accusations?
> Nice catch, that explains a couple things.
> A hypothetical deal between Parabola and Community Cube could (and
> should!) specify that sort of separation of responsibilities and
> liabilities. Needless to say Parabola isn't responsible for the Community
> Cube project as a whole, regardless of whether they decide to make a deal
> with Parabola or hire some of its hackers offlist or simply make an OS
> image on their own. In any case they shouldn't be impeded to tell the
> world what distro they are using, and there's a chance this could result
> in a reputation boost for Parabola if things unfold optimally.
> I want to approach this in good faith. I think their project largely got
> it right, despite some gotchas. The Internet desperately needs that sort
> of radical yet simple fixes that always start with average users using
> the correct technologies and rejecting the bad ones. But the complexity
> shouldn't be underestimated: I'm trying to envision a ready-made home
> server operating system and I'm curious as to how they expect to approach
> updates, specially security updates, since we can't normally push them to
> users and typical Parabola usage involves manual interaction. Also,
> configuring all those services properly and will be a lot of work.
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How is Community Cube any different from FreedomBox? They don't address

Right now they have chosen CageOS, a Debian-based distro:
And CageOS is running very similar apps to what you see with FreedomBox:

I guess they'd fill a niche Freedombox doesn't have if they ran a
preconfigured Parabola since Parabola is fully free as in freedom. But
wait, running Arch or any of its derivatives as a server on a wide scale
seems quite weird to me. I know I know, "some people run Arch on their
server"... Dude, are you crazy?! I'd feel the same way if someone told
me they were running Debian Sid. Sure, it's less downtime than Windows
Server (lol!) but... Oh, and not to mention the fact that Parabola, like
Arch, is largely geared towards people who know what they are doing and
how to fix it. I haven't had to ask people for help too much because I
know what I'm doing.

So...on that note... Who is this product geared towards? A product
geared towards me wouldn't present itself in such a watered-down,
abstract way. It LOOKS as though it's marketed to people who aren't too
experienced and need that out-of-box experience.

I have to wonder if they aren't simply hangers-on of the success the
FreedomBox project had. I'm an IT person, and while it's nice to have a
page explaining to the average user how their stuff works, I want to see
something more...technical. (I also don't want to watch videos.) I could
turn ANYTHING with an ethernet port into a server (Sidenote: sorry
Parabola, I'd do more for you but I work full time & all I have is
cellular). Why buy from them? The fact that they haven't decided on a
distro, and aren't presenting hardware specs tells me they could be
selling me...air.

Maybe what they'll ask of you is to mold/mangle Parabola into the key
that fits their cube-shaped hole...would this be a difficult task?

I'd ask them some tough questions before jumping in. Why Parabola? Why
Community Cube? What have they accomplished so far? And ask them to show
you. And other details. People are getting burned left and right in
crowdsourcing -- perhaps collectively learning to be critical
investors... Don't accept unpaid work!

Definitely would try to keep it so that Parabola remains independent but
gets a mention. All of the good credit, none of the bad, that's what
Parabola's hard-working hackers deserve! :)

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