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fauno fauno at endefensadelsl.org
Tue Mar 29 14:00:58 GMT 2016

Isaac David <isacdaavid at isacdaavid.info> writes:
> A hypothetical deal between Parabola and Community Cube could (and
> should!) specify that sort of separation of responsibilities and
> liabilities. Needless to say Parabola isn't responsible for the
> Community Cube project as a whole, regardless of whether they decide
> to make a deal with Parabola or hire some of its hackers offlist or
> simply make an OS image on their own. In any case they shouldn't be
> impeded to tell the world what distro they are using, and there's a
> chance this could result in a reputation boost for Parabola if things
> unfold optimally.

parabola can't take responsibilities by itself, since it doesn't exist
as a legal entity (we may be scamming CC too :P)

i think any deal with CC would have to be between CC and individual
parabola hackers, but any possible liability would have to be discussed
collectively beforehand :)

IMO it should be clear that:

* parabola hackers only develop a certain set of features needed by the
  CC project. afaict it's just about the bootloader for some arm boards,
  whose resulting patches may be applicable to the bootloaders for other

* parabola as a project can't be responsible for anything nor receives
  any payment.

* parabola hackers hired for this job can't be responsible for anything
  else than develop the certain set of features (i don't know how to
  phrase it, i guess it's the standard limitation of liability /
  warranty from licenses.)

* any patch or software developed must be released under a free software
  license.  if it's a patch, under the same license of the upstream
  project, if it's software, under a copyleft license.

do you think this is correct or missing anything?

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