[Dev] Server crashes can be OOMs

fauno fauno at endefensadelsl.org
Thu Mar 17 18:29:21 GMT 2016

Esteban Carnevale <alfplayer at mailoo.org> writes:

> On 2016-03-17 14:00, Esteban Carnevale wrote:
>> Memory on the server is normally ~ 50 %. Sometimes Labs Ruby processes
>> are executed which use ~ 30 % total. I've seen Parabolaweb use ~ 10 %,
>> so if these two, and possibly others, take memory at the same time, the
>> server can go out of memory. Is this acceptable for Labs?
>> Examples of "sar -r" and "top -o %MEM" with high Labs memory usage on
>> the file attached.
> Parabolaweb alone taking 50 % later today (shown on attached file).
> It's an OOM waiting to happen. I think I'll reboot it any minute now
> as I lack a better idea.

btw as a quick fix you can configure monit to monitor parabolaweb's by
pid and restart it when ram usage is over certain threshold.

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