[Dev] Gaming4JC supports Parabola with donations to coadde

André Silva emulatorman at riseup.net
Wed Mar 16 17:43:52 GMT 2016

Hi guys, since BeagleBone Black has been donated for coadde [0], now it
works well with our Parabola ARM version [1], also with support to
Extlinux support for multiple kernels booting [2] (GRUB port is still in
development process by GRUB guys, therefore we need wait for them to
continue with our port yet).

Gaming4JC that is one of our current hackers [3] has donated the CHIP
hardware [4] to be included to Parabola ARM porting for coadde.
Also, he sent a netbook (Dell Latitude 2110), a wifi usb adapter
(Netgear WNA1100) and stickers to help coadde represent Parabola at FISL
event that will be realized around July. I want thank to him for his
contribution and i'm adding it to Donations page.[5]

Since he had difficulties to sent it to Montevideo directly. coadde got
a service called Miami-Box [6] who gave him a physical address in Miami
to receive shipments, then they ship it to Montevideo. Also customs
bureaucracy are handled by them.

Therefore, since coadde has that service available, Gaming4JC sent the
shipment to his physical address in Miami. Yesterday, it has been
arrived to Miami and now it is in transit to be shipped (through
Miami-Box) to coadde's destination. I'll let you know of any news and
current happenings.

Thanks for Gaming4JC and you for making this possible!!!



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