[Dev] EOMA68 announcement as requested by fauno in #parabola

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Well, it seems I missed something. But anyway, fauno requested an announcement,
and it's attached to this. Hopefully it's OK.
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# New libre hardware crowdfunding project - with Parabola preinstalled!

The [EOMA68][1] is a new crowdfunding project on CrowdSupply, aiming to create a
computer which:

* Respects your freedom
* Is easy to repair yourself
* Is eco-friendly
* Is easily upgradeable
* Doesn't cost the Earth (literally *and* figuratively!)

As part of this, the computers it provides will have *pre-installed* Parabola
GNU/Linux-libre. This is a very exciting prospect - a computer that you can
repair yourself and is libre hardware (very customizable on the *hardware* end),
combined with the most powerful, flexible and adaptable libre OS (very
customizable on the *software* end). 

This is *truly* a project that deserves your money - they are committed to the
libre cause (they're seeking RYF certification!), and the crowdfunding project
needs money to succeed. If ever there was a time to donate, that time is
now. Personally, I think these machines make *great* microservers, similarly to
the Beaglebone Black, but more capable and more eco-friendly - and this is
certainly how I will be using mine.

Plus, their cases are made of *wood*. What's not to love?

[1]: https://www.crowdsupply.com/eoma68/micro-desktop

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