[Dev] status of icecat for armv7h?

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Wed Jun 29 03:58:39 GMT 2016

Isaac David <isacdaavid at ...> writes:

> Le dim. 19 juin 2016 à 8:57, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton 
> <lkcl <at> lkcl.net> a écrit :
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> > folks hi what's the status of icecat for armv7h?  it's not listed as
> > an available package for installation, although a ton of stuff that
> > *depends* on it is, such as all the language packs, the ublock plugin
> > etc.
> > 
> > l.
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> Greetings Luke,
> Neither Icecat nor our free version of Iceweasel is available
> for armv7h. I have tried several times and at some point I
> managed to build iceweasel, but it soon became out of date
> and had to be removed from the repos after dependencies
> stopped being satisfiable.  Firefox has a very sensitive
> buildprocess to say the least.

 i was the lead developer behind pyjamas-desktop, i had 3
 web browser engines to maintain, and, at one point due to
 the mozilla foundation beginning to focus on speed-speed-speed
 to the pathological exclusion of all other considerations
 (in direct violation of their own charter, it has to be
  pointed out), i had to look at maintaining a fork of
 the firefox xulrunner engine at one point.

 it may surprise you to learn that i decided *not* to do that... :)
 so yeah, i know where you're coming from.  i had the advantage
 of working off of debian at the time so could do "apt-get build-dep ..."
 but i *still* decided that it would be, on my own, completely
 insane to maintain a fork of xulrunner.

 i'll take a look at seamonkey.  i know that the majority of
 other browsers in the parabola repo are webkit-based: webkit,
 as maintained by apple, has its own set of... uhh... problems shall
 we say.  the apple development team is dominated by a technical
 bully by the name of "mark rowe".  his expertise leaves the rest of
 the team in a difficult position of not being able to call him out
 on the way that he dominates outsiders (and external contributions).

 however after some considerable time even google got the message and
 decided to fork the *entire* webkit codebase: this effort became
 known as "blink".  i helped them (behind the scenes) to steer them
 towards getting decent well-designed javascript bindings (which is
 extremely difficult to do properly, it requires about 12 different
 simultaneous technical programming language skillsets), and that's
 now up and running and stable. so, good for them.

 basically what i'm saying, is, do consider putting chromium into
 the parabola repository (if it isn't being considered already?) and
 i know that the debian team has already done the patches needed to
 remove the advertising and privacy-violating features that are
 considered to be acceptable by google, so *that* won't be a huge
 effort either.

 alright back to it, btw the crowdfunding's launching this evening
 http://crowdsupply.com/eoma68 i'll be expanding on the software that's
 installed over the next few weeks but it basically will go out the
 door with parabola gnu/linux-libre as the major default OS, we'll be
 able to reach a lot of FSF supporters as a result.

 so, yeah.  thank you to everyone who's worked on parabola-arm.


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