[Dev] status of icecat for armv7h?

Isaac David isacdaavid at isacdaavid.info
Sun Jun 19 18:42:49 GMT 2016

Le dim. 19 juin 2016 à 8:57, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton 
<lkcl at lkcl.net> a écrit :
> [please cc me on replies as i subscribe "nomail" to lists, thanks]
> folks hi what's the status of icecat for armv7h?  it's not listed as
> an available package for installation, although a ton of stuff that
> *depends* on it is, such as all the language packs, the ublock plugin
> etc.
> l.
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Greetings Luke,

Neither Icecat nor our free version of Iceweasel is available
for armv7h. I have tried several times and at some point I
managed to build iceweasel, but it soon became out of date
and had to be removed from the repos after dependencies
stopped being satisfiable.  Firefox has a very sensitive
buildprocess to say the least.

The language packs and plugins are architecture-agnostic;
other Parabola package maintainers build them for x86
regardless of our luck with armv7h. This is why you see them
listed on the website. For other armv7h packages that don't
need modifications to comply with our free software policies
there's also the possibility that they are being pulled from
Arch ARM without paying attention to the existence of
dependencies that do need intervention, effectively making
them look broken on the website. However there aren't many
such packages, simply because we have most of the [libre]
repo covered.

This bug report[1] documents our experiences building Icecat
and Iceweasel and also contains some necessary patches,
should anyone be interested in taking up the baton. For this
matter I think user Jookia on IRC is worth reaching to,
because if I recall correctly he has natively compiled modern
Firefox or a similar derivative for armv7h in the past.

Finally I should mention there's no shortage of web browsers
for armv7h in our repos. Any browser packaged for x86 other
than Icecat/Iceweasel we also have for armv7h, including
Iceape (based on Seamonkey). I have tested none of them

[1]: https://labs.parabola.nu/issues/896

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