[Dev] [consensus][due: 2016-06-13]: New version for Parabola Social Contract

André Silva emulatorman at riseup.net
Sat Jun 11 22:11:39 GMT 2016

On 06/07/2016 10:16 PM, Luke Shumaker wrote:
> Then, a bit over a month ago, Emulatorman made a change, which I also
> recall no discussion of.  He changed "our community is democratic in
> its essence" to "adhocratic in its essence".  A one-word change, but
> quite a significant one!

I was thinking about it and think put "democratic" in clause "Parabola
and its community" is ok for decisions in Parabola, however it needs an
expansion explaining that our democracy is through consensus. I mean it
because democracy could be interpreted by majority vote too and it isn't
our case.

Otherwise, i think would be good to talk about organization too, not
just decisions in Parabola. In this case Parabola is adhocratic, and
should be clarified in the Social Contract to avoid problems such as
meritocracy and similar things that could generate in Parabola.

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