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Isaac David isacdaavid at isacdaavid.info
Sat Jun 11 02:38:55 GMT 2016

Le ven. 10 juin 2016 à 20:18, concernedfossdev at teknik.io a écrit :
> Arch linux is steadily becoming Systemd/Linux rather than GNU/Linux 
> as systemd gradually, inevitably, rewrites all the various little 
> utilities in it's image.
> Why does it do this? Why so you can use them (and increasingly other 
> free software projects which now do things the "systemd way") through 
> Serialized Inter Process Communications, which is the very reason for 
> systemd's existance. What does this allow: essentially "linking" 
> GPL'd code by proprietary code because now it's just opening a 
> socket, not actually linking in the compiling sence.
> Please don't support Systemd/Linux.
> The GNU/Linux we all used to know and used to have before the hostile 
> takeover of every single big distro by RedHat sock-puppets was much, 
> much, better.
> GNU/Linux is dying, being killed. You'll need to use the AGPL for 
> everything now soon if you want what you used to have under the GPL.

What a jump! This is not the right thread to get your replies,
maybe you want to start a new one.
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