[Dev] [consensus][due: 2016-06-13]: New version for Parabola Social Contract

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Wed Jun 8 17:06:28 GMT 2016

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  > > He did essentially several search/replaces:
  > >  - "ArchLinux" -> "Arch" or "Arch GNU/Linux"
  > >    Saying "Arch GNU/Linux" is wrong, it should be "Arch Linux".
  > >    "Arch" is acceptable shorthand after the first use.

"Arch Linux" is a misnomer, because the system is GNU/Linux.  This
is a variant of GNU/Linux, which they have decided to call "Arch".
That makes it Arch GNU/Linux.  That is what we should call it.

It is fine to shorten it to "Arch" after the first use.

It is unfortunate that the developers of Arch GNU/Linux persist in
using the erroneous term "Arch Linux".  So let's not repeat their

There is no reason they should.  Their error has no moral authority.
If they are going to disregard our moral authority and call our system
"Linux", they are hardly entitled to criticize us for correcting their

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