[Dev] Proposal: [bio] repo for Parabola/GNU Linux libre

Luke g4jc at openmailbox.org
Thu Jun 2 19:04:48 GMT 2016

On 06/02/2016 11:51 AM, Joshua Haase wrote:
> Joshua Haase <hahj87 at gmail.com> writes:
>> Luke <g4jc at openmailbox.org> writes:
>>> Would it be possible to use PCR repo? You could upload your work to the
>>> AUR as well since upstream may like to have access to any new free
>>> software not already there.
> Could someone give me access to the PCR repo?
You can get access if you apply for a developer position.


Alternatively, try registering here - this should allow you to submit
PKGBUILDs to PUR (largely unused/untested at the moment, but could be
very useful if the idea takes off.):


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