[Dev] Fixing pacman issues with outdated mirrors again.

Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli GNUtoo at no-log.org
Sat Jul 2 11:05:58 GMT 2016


When using Debian based distributions, such as Trisquel, aptitude update
is painfully slow.
This is because it will try to "update" from every mirror in the list.
It will then, as I was explained yesterday, use the one that is the
most up to date.

Pacman instead uses the first reachable mirror in its list. So if that
mirror is out of date, it then download out of date packages.

If the mirror is not enough up to date the Parabola installation will
have old packages, possibly with security issues.

The security then depend on the chosen mirror and how up to date it is.

Parabola has a web server that can redirect pacman to a known good
mirror, so if the first mirror becomes too much out of date, Parabola
developers will redirect to a better mirror.

However having pacman "update" (pacman -Sy) to all mirrors and then
selecting the most up to date would probably be better security wise,
and that would release the developers from maintaining such redirection.

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