[Dev] Parabola Newsletter July 2016

Luke Shumaker lukeshu at sbcglobal.net
Fri Jul 8 15:36:00 GMT 2016

Parabola Newsletter for July 2016

Things that have happened in the last month (in roughly
reverse-chronological order):

 - Newsletter
   Luke Shumaker decided to write a monthly newsletter.  Tell him of
   things that should be included.

   The goal of this newsletter isn't necessarily to be a newsletter
   for end users, but to be able to keep interested parties informed
   on what is going on in Parabola _development_.

 - Git hosting migrated to winston.parabola.nu

   Parabola's git hosting has moved from the older proton.parabola.nu
   server to the newer winston.parabola.nu.  Accompanying this change
   is the new git.parabola.nu domain, which "replaces" the old
   projects.parabola.nu domain.  Don't worry!  The "projects" domain
   will continue to work indefinitely.

   Associated with this, we've been writing exhaustive documentation
   on how Winston is set up, so no developer will ever need to say "I
   don't know how lukeshu set it up" again :)

   We want to give thanks 1985 Hosting Company <https://1984.is/> for
   donating the winston.parabola.nu server.

 - New Parabola package: dbscripts

   https://projects.parabola.nu/dbscripts.git has graduated into
   Now, the Parabola Pacman repository programs are packaged into an
   easy-to-install pacman package, instead of some awkward git
   repository you need to check out.

   This was https://labs.parabola.nu/issues/808 .

 - New Parabola package: parabola-hackers

   https://projects.parabola.nu/~lukeshu/nshd.git has graduated into

   Along the way, it picked up the scripts that ware in hackers.git.

   parabola-hackers is a set of tools for working with an using the
   hackers.git store of users and developers.  Notably, it contains
   programs for generating the Parabola pacman keyring, creating
   system users for developers on the server, and managing SSH

   It is fully deployed on winston.parabola.nu, and should be deployed
   on proton.parabola.nu soon.

 - New Parabola Social Contract

   After much discussion, the Parabola community ratified a new
   "Parabola Social Contract" (replacing the old
   "Parabola/GNU Linux Social Contract")


 - Coliberator 2016

   Parabola participated in the Coliberator 2016 Free Software
   conference organized by our fiscal sponsor Fundația Ceata in
   Romania on June 4-5.


Things that are upcoming in the next month:

 - FISL17 Conference

   Parabola will be participating in the FISL17 Free Software
   conference in Brazil on July 13-16.  André Silva ("Emulatorman")
   and Márcio Silva ("coadde") will be presenting at July 13, 16:00

   We want to thank everyone who donated to Parabola, and our fiscal
   sponsor Fundația Ceata for making this possible.


 - autobuilder

   Hopefully we'll get autobuilder running on winston soon, to relieve
   pressure on Parabola developers with simple packages like
   parabola-keyring, your-freedom, et c.

   As of right now, there are no concrete plans to turn autobuilder
   into a more complete build server, but that is something we are
   interested in doing in the future.


Happy hacking,
~ Luke Shumaker

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