[Dev] parabolagnulinux.org domain renewal

Charles E Roth encycl at parlementum.red
Mon Jan 11 13:45:58 GMT 2016

Attached is the invoice. If I recall correctly, lukeshu paid for
parabola.nu renewal last year.

There would not be a cost for transferring the domain from name to gandi.

On 01/11/2016 05:30 AM, fauno wrote:
> Charles E Roth <encycl at parlementum.red> writes:
>> Two items:
>> 1) I renewed the domain for parabolagnulinux.org until 11/2016. It's not
>> a big deal, but could I be listed on the donation page as an in kind donor?
> of course! you've been donating the domain for several years now :)
> can you confirm the info?  lukeshu also paid one of the domains, but i
> can't recall which one and how many times.  tsolar also donated the .org
> for two or three years before you.
> https://wiki.parabola.nu/Donations#Thanks.21
>> 2) We should probably transfer this domain from name.com to the existing
>> account at gandi.net.
> does the transfer have some expenses?
>> That way the group can handle this, as my health continues to be
>> highly buggy.
> :(

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