[Dev] [Gimp-gui] Consensus to create a new Symbolic icon theme

Michael Natterer mitch at gimp.org
Sun Jan 10 20:49:58 GMT 2016

On Sun, 2016-01-10 at 17:24 -0300, André Silva wrote:
> On 01/10/2016 01:59 PM, Jehan wrote:
> > I think it's not bad at all.
> > 
> > If others are ok, I say we go with it. This topic has already been
> > far too long for a very innocent icon, in my opinion. :P
> The latest screenshot with the meta-icon proposed by Klaus Staedtler
> [0]
> is cool! I suggest go with it too.
> [0]:https://mail.gnome.org/archives/gimp-gui-list/2016-January/pngklv
> tNY334g.png

I agree. The icon is great, and it's about the time to end this
thread... really.


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