[Dev] Consensus to create a new Symbolic icon theme

coadde coadde at riseup.net
Sat Jan 9 22:25:16 GMT 2016

Hi guys, some days ago, i found a Ying Yang icon that is being used as
Symbolic icon theme [0]. Since it is part of concept of Chinese folk
religion [1], in my opinion it lacks of neutrality.

So, i've posted a report about it to bugzilla [2]. In the middle of the
discussion, i've put that use a heraldic shield (proposal of liam [3])
could be a good idea; however, i didn't paid attention that a heraldic
shield represents a imperialist symbol [4] that is opposite of my
principles, sorry about that :(

I've been thinking a lot about a solution for it, then it popped into my
head... "why don't create a new one based on classic GIMP theme? [5]" It
could be proposed as an idea for Klaus that, as Jehan says [6], "he is
kind of the de-facto icon boss for the time being. :-)", however i think
is better open a consensus to encourage community participation to make
a appropriate logo for it and help him too. What do you think guys?


Márcio Silva
Parabola GNU/Linux-libre hacker


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