[Dev] Kodi

Josh Branning lovell.joshyyy at gmail.com
Fri Feb 19 09:12:03 GMT 2016


I haven't got round to testing this yet but hopefully I should do soon.

Upon reading further I think Kodi requires EGL or OpenGL on linux.

Mesa provides this, using libdrm. The kernel therefore may need to 
support it (at least for mali devices).

The mainline kernel doesn't have a drm driver, but the sunxi kernel 
does. [1]

I am unsure at how complete the support is in the sunxi kernel, but I 
have a sunxi kernel already compiled, and possibly an arch linux arm 
image that uses the kernel [2] ... which depends on if my dd backup was 
successful. (I've since overwritten the sdcard with Parabola and don't 
particularly wish to recompile.)

When I get back, I should be able to try kodi:

1) On Parabola ARM, with the patch.
and if that fails:
2) On the Arch Linux ARM image with the sunxi kernel and mesa, without 
the patch.
and if I still get the error:
3) On the Arch Linux ARM image with the sunxi kernel and mesa, with the 

If I'm not successful, perhaps because the image was corrupted when 
backing up, I will should try to use the sunxi kernel uImage with 
parabola or arch linux arm, but really I am unsure how I would go about 
this ... hopefully it won't get to that.

All the best,


[2] Source used to build at (beware - this uses blobby blobby blobby 

On 18/02/16 16:20, Isaac David wrote:
> Hi again Josh,
> I have pushed a patched* kodi to [libre-testing] for you to test.
> Judging from the commit message the patch is aimed at hardcoding a value
> that
> isn't being correctly reported for Mali GPUs, but I don't known whether
> this little
> change affects non-Mali devices. That's why I will be keeping it in
> [libre-testing]
> for the time being.
> Moreover, if that patch is just helping surmount problems in the proprietary
> Mali driver I'm afraid my action could be regarded as introducing a
> dependency
> on non-free software and recommending non-free software, even though it's
> quite small a change.
> Assuming there's no freedom issue and assuming the package is working I
> think
> we should look forward into integrating those fixes somewhere along the
> upstream
> ArchARM -> Kodi line.
> *
> https://github.com/mdrjr/xbmc/commit/cebdda3d013f6e4a0aeb89fa4610dca767d3fd1e
> Le lun. 15 févr. 2016 à 1:22, Josh Branning <lovell.joshyyy at gmail.com> a
> écrit :
>> It might actually be this bug that's causing the problem:
>> trac.kodi.tv/ticket/15816
> Same file but different bug. That patch is already merged in the release
> we are using.

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