[Dev] Parabola Game Project - EOMA68

Adonay Felipe Nogueira adfeno at openmailbox.org
Thu Dec 22 15:20:10 GMT 2016

Hi Jorginho, thank you very much for your interest!

As an eventual contributor (although not very active), I must say that
this is indeed an interesting project to work with.

However, as you might have guessed, by looking at the past news comming
from the Parabola project, one must note that the EOMA68 is a hardware
"connectivity" standard (the name between quotes was put there due to my
lack of understanding of the real type of standard). So, to put it
simple: You might be refering to the Libre Tea Computer Card, one (of
various) product that follows the EOMA68, and the only one of these
which is seeking the Respects Your Freedom (RYF) certification from the Free
Software Foundation (FSF).

Respectfully, Adonay.
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