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Jorginho jorginho at riseup.net
Wed Dec 14 20:02:15 GMT 2016


I send an e-mail to lkcl in order to ask for help to made the handheld
console for parabola gaming project:

El 14/12/16 a las 20:20, GaCuest escribió:
> El 14 de diciembre de 2016 a las 20:15:48, Jorginho
> (jorginho at riseup.net) escribió:
>> El 14/12/16 a las 19:55, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton escribió:
>>> On 12/14/16, Jorginho wrote:
>>>> Hello Luke,
>>>> First of all, I want to congratulate you for the incredible job with
>>>> EOMA68.
>>>> We are developing a free game, we think about of create a pocket console
>>>> and use an EOMA68 like brain for that.
>>> great! have a word with miguel and the team because they've been
>>> planning and working on this for some time.
>>>> I am studying it and I need to know about PCMCIA connection and how I
>>>> could to get video, sound and GPIO in order to make buttons.
>>> join the mailing list and ask there, because the question - and the
>>> answer - is something i would like other people to learn from and help
>>> with.
>>> l.
>> Thank a lot for your help, I will send another email to the mailing list
>> as you have said me.
>> Furthermore, I send you the website of the project in order to you could
>> see the progress: https://wiki.parabola.nu/Parabola_Gaming_Project
> Maybe this is useful for you:
> http://lists.phcomp.co.uk/pipermail/arm-netbook/2016-October/012261.html
> But I think that you want to do a simpler handheld console.

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