[Dev] Installing parabola in a virtual machine using a Virtio disk.

Josh Branning lovell.joshyyy at gmail.com
Sun Dec 11 19:30:54 GMT 2016

Hi, I wanted to install parabola with MATE desktop in a virtual machine 
using virt-manager on Trisquel. I found that using a Virtio emulated 
disk drive didn't work for parabola install.sh off-hand, because it 
searches for /dev/sdX only (and not for /dev/vdX).

Upon modifying line 11 of install.sh to "aux=$(ls /dev/vd?)", I was able 
to install parabola successfully in the virtual machine without any issues.


Perhaps it would be worthwhile in-future, modifying that script to 
somehow also automatically search for /dev/vdX as well as /dev/sdX so 
that people wishing to install in a virtual machine, to test parabola 
MATE, can do so successfully without manual modification?


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