[Dev] Misleading information in EOMA68 news

Josh Branning lovell.joshyyy at gmail.com
Thu Aug 25 11:42:30 GMT 2016

On 25/08/16 06:05, Isaac David wrote:
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> OK, this sounds like consensus. We have made enough of a
> fuss over this little thing,
> https://pad.partidopirata.com.ar/p/parabola-eoma/timeslider#429
> is now live.
> Adonay took care of the last concerns raised by Paul after
> revision 310. I decided not to touch on the licensing of
> hardware design files at all, so as to not speculate either
> way. I would love to see those released in the future, but
> future-proofing the reliability of this information is more
> important. The link will still contain the phrase "libre
> hardware"; I would not like to break it.
> Thanks all.
> - --
> isacdaavid

Thanks for this. I think you've made the right decision. I didn't 
realise that the A20 has a Mali400 GPU, so the bit about there not being 
a free 3D graphics driver /may/ have been a mistake on my part.

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