[Dev] [PATCH abslibre] pacman: Get architecture from CARCH instead of auto

Paul Kocialkowski contact at paulk.fr
Tue Aug 23 09:51:13 GMT 2016

Le vendredi 19 août 2016 à 20:20 -0500, Isaac David a écrit :
> The hack makes sense for them, because they chose to use a
> single pacman.conf template for all the architectures they
> maintain; but we have multiple files, like Arch does, in
> abslibre and therefore can afford just hard-coding "armv7h"
> in there. That's exactly what I did.

Also, I don't see what problem can arise from this, as it was suggested at:

ALARM also hardcodes "armv7h" in the distributed pacman.conf, so there's no
specific reason it would cause a problem when migrating. (Or am I perhaps
missing something here ?)


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