[Dev] cpan and pip doubt

Franco Masotti franco.masotti at student.unife.it
Mon Aug 22 16:58:37 GMT 2016

Hello parabola hackers,

I wanted to test a theory:
given [1],  tried to install, as an example, "Algorithm::Annotate" which is 
the first perl* package in [1] to be marked as "nonfree".
Installation with your-freedom installed was successful, so I guess the 
blacklist only works for "perl modules as (pacman) packages" not "perl modules 
to be compiled from CPAN".

Do you confirm this behaviour for all the non free packages (I guess the same 
might happen with pip)?

If so, is it possible to develop a fix, in order to avoid installing those 
non-free modules, maybe by integrating your-freedom?


Franco Masotti
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