[Dev] Misleading information in EOMA68 news

Tiberiu-Cezar Tehnoetic tct at ceata.org
Fri Aug 19 14:14:20 GMT 2016

On 19.08.2016 04:09, Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli wrote:
> Indeed, "free software friendly" is way too vague.
> It could be applied to almost any hardware (or software) that can run
> some free software somehow.


> Any hardware or software which permits or promotes the use of free
> software on or with it could be called "free software friendly".

Yes, I'm afraid so. Essentially, according to the definition, "free
software friendly" means "free software compatible" but that's also too
vague (in what way compatible, how much compatible etc).

> We could instead use some other terms such as:
> 1) Fully compatible with free software: It fits well RYF hardware.

As Paul has pointed out, RYF-certified hardware is not necessarily fully
compatible with free software. But at least there is a list of criteria
to judge if a piece of hardware is RYF-certifiable and ultimately it's
FSF's decision if they offer the certification for that hardware, and
then you can call that hardware RYF-certified.

There are some compromises to software freedom in FSF's criteria.
Non-upgradeable/non-replaceable firmware being seen as hardware, for
instance. The reasoning is based on the practical consequences and not
the implementation (as hardware or as non-upgradeable/non-replaceable


For the EOMA68 there is probably going to be made the compromise it has
been announced, this time in a form of an exception to the FSF's RYF
certification criteria (so they won't modify the list of criteria).

I'm taking of course about the graphics. Is it "free software
compatible"? Not fully. For office work, the EOMA68 is probably free
software compatible, but it's definitely not for entertainment which
involves 3D acceleration.

> 2) Can run fully free software: It fits more the EOMA68.

I don't think this is a well-defined criteria to judge hardware. We
always have to think what hardware features will be missing when using
fully distros and especially when running fully free software.

Just because it boots and you can do some work with the computer (but
not 3D acceleration, or for other hardware, not be able to connect to
WiFi, or Bluetooth) it doesn't mean it can run fully free software.

IMO, EOMA68 should be presented as RYF-certifiable by FSF and then go
into details of what works with free software and the one thing that



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