[Dev] Feedback for parabola-mate-2016.07.27-dual.iso

André Silva emulatorman at riseup.net
Sun Aug 14 11:11:58 GMT 2016

On 08/14/2016 05:53 AM, Tiberiu-Cezar Tehnoetic wrote:
> I assume MATE/LightDM is preferred because it's light, but I suggest
> Parabola also offers an ISO with better looks DE/DM (and also popular
> applications such as LibreOffice)

If you want, we could add LibreOffice in the next version.

> 2. there is a typo in the CLI installer, "Repite root password" instead
> of "Repeat root password". I'm not sure if "Repite" can be found in some
> other places as well, I recommend checking.

Oh, it was a mistake :P I will fix it too, thanks for let me know :)

> 3. although I've installed the optional "Live DVD Desktop Applications"
> IceWeasel can't display correctly monospaced sections of a web page
> (such as <pre> blocks of code, mailing list archives or web directory
> index) because the system lacks the DejaVu Sans Mono font.
> I fixed this by installing ttf-dejavu package. I suggest including it by
> default.

Great, i will add ttf-dejavu package then.

> 4. I was happy the free firmware for ath9k_htc was installed by default
> (I could simply plug Tehnoetic WiFi N150/N300 USB adapters and connect
> to Internet on my desktop), but I couldn't find the package for carl9170
> free firmware needed by the recently added dual-band Tehnoetic WiFi
> adapater, as one customer reported in the Reviews tab of the product page:
> Quoting: "As of this writing, the GPLv2 carl9170 firmware is not
> included in Parabola GNU/Linux-libre, so you will have to manually
> download the free firmware before it can be used."
> - https://tehnoetic.com/tet-n300db
> Isn't the carl9170 free firmware packaged in Arch? Could you include it
> in Parabola?

AFAIK Arch firmware packages don't meet Parabola's policies with regard
to building the package from source. Could you give us the source code
to begin the packaging for Parabola?

> I believe Parabola has the potential to be as user-friendly as Trisquel
> and the project could really use the popularity that this could bring.

Thanks Tiberiu for the feedback since gives us the chance to improve our
free as in freedom ISOs for the community :)

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