[Dev] Feedback for parabola-mate-2016.07.27-dual.iso

Tiberiu-Cezar Tehnoetic tct at ceata.org
Sun Aug 14 08:53:00 GMT 2016

Hello Parabola hackers,

I've recently tested parabola-mate-2016.07.27-dual.iso and I like that
it's cutting-edge, simple and gets the job done.

I've also noted down few negative points I would like to contribute as

1. LightDM is not polished (especially the menus of NetworkManager
applet, main and right-click menus in applications such as AbiWord,
right-click menu in IceWeasel: missing padding and hover highlighting of
menu items, different font sizes in the same menu etc.)

I assume MATE/LightDM is preferred because it's light, but I suggest
Parabola also offers an ISO with better looks DE/DM (and also popular
applications such as LibreOffice)

2. there is a typo in the CLI installer, "Repite root password" instead
of "Repeat root password". I'm not sure if "Repite" can be found in some
other places as well, I recommend checking.

3. although I've installed the optional "Live DVD Desktop Applications"
IceWeasel can't display correctly monospaced sections of a web page
(such as <pre> blocks of code, mailing list archives or web directory
index) because the system lacks the DejaVu Sans Mono font.

I fixed this by installing ttf-dejavu package. I suggest including it by

4. I was happy the free firmware for ath9k_htc was installed by default
(I could simply plug Tehnoetic WiFi N150/N300 USB adapters and connect
to Internet on my desktop), but I couldn't find the package for carl9170
free firmware needed by the recently added dual-band Tehnoetic WiFi
adapater, as one customer reported in the Reviews tab of the product page:

Quoting: "As of this writing, the GPLv2 carl9170 firmware is not
included in Parabola GNU/Linux-libre, so you will have to manually
download the free firmware before it can be used."
- https://tehnoetic.com/tet-n300db

Isn't the carl9170 free firmware packaged in Arch? Could you include it
in Parabola?

I believe Parabola has the potential to be as user-friendly as Trisquel
and the project could really use the popularity that this could bring.

Thank GNU,


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