[Dev] Sustainable Donations for Parabola Project

IngeGNUe ingegnue at riseup.net
Wed Apr 27 01:01:43 GMT 2016

On 04/26/16 20:28, Luke wrote:
> Hello,
> It has come to my attention that some of our developers are now working
> full-time on Parabola (and not getting paid enough to even pay the bills!).
> We should come up with a plan to give these hard workers a minimum
> living wage. The only way I see this possible will be a weekly or
> monthly giving program, the other options such as KickStarter or
> IndieGogo are not sustainable on the long-term.
> As such, I think we should reach a consensus on a good monthly giving
> platform to use for the project, and how the money will be distributed.
> I think that the core developers that are working full-time should be
> paid a reasonable living wage amount for their efforts, and any excess
> could be given as bounty to part-time volunteers for fixing complex
> bugs, and/or to help grow the much needed infrastructure.
> In any case, here are the available platforms that are: a)
> Libre/OpenSource and b) Monthly or weekly payments options to encourage
> continued sustainable donations:
> * GratiPay - https://gratipay.com/
> * Liberapay - https://liberapay.com/ (Better I think, since it includes
> Team payment)
> Others/non-free: Patreon,  do nxt, etc.
> Taxes etc. would need to be handled by Ceate, but I don't think that
> will be an issue since we already have a good relationship with them for
> our current donations.
> Thoughts?
> Luke

I am a simple working class support tech, but I've been thinking about
y'all and will sign on as a monthly donor if an easy way to make
recurring contributions like one of these is implemented. Not as a donor
to any particular person (that feels awkward), but to the team /
Parabola project.

Also, cheers for seeking an alternative to Paypal. If it wasn't for
~~Paypal~~ PayENEMY, Neo900's funds wouldn't have been frozen.

I am sorry that the Parabola devs are going through a hardship.

What is most of the full time spent on? Could any part of it be automated?


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