[Dev] Ideas for Parabola at FOSDEM

Tiberiu-Cezar Tehnoetic tct at ceata.org
Wed Sep 30 08:47:04 GMT 2015

Dear Parabola hackers,

FOSDEM is the biggest European free software oriented (not completely
free software, I am afraid) conference where many distros have stands
and dev rooms.

https://fosdem.org/2016 (30&31 Jan)


FOSDEM offers open source and free software projects the opportunity to
display their work during the event. At its stand, a project can share
information, demo software, sell merchandise, give away goodies, and so
on, and personally interact with the visitors.


However, I don't remember ever seeing a free distro stand at FOSDEM. And
I am a regular.

I propose Ceata applies for a joint Parabola-Ceata stand. We can then
try to raise funds for promotion materials for Parabola (stickers,
buttons, <add you idea here> etc).

Usually at FOSDEM and other European events, Ceata shares with FSFE
their stand. It would be nice to share one with Parabola now.


And that we try to send a Parabola hacker (living in Europe; maybe
mtjm?) to Brussels at FOSDEM 2016, to give a talk in the distributions
dev room.

Last year GNU Guix was the free distro presented in the distributions
dev room:



What do you think?

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