[Dev] [donations] parabola+ceata agreement signed!

fauno fauno at endefensadelsl.org
Fri Sep 25 14:51:25 GMT 2015

hi!  i just signed the final agreement and sent it to tct :)

some things to follow up on:

* tct had the idea that since the agreement is complex, maybe someone
  can take a moment to create a diagram of its workings, so we can
  understand it at a glance.  does anyone want to take on this?

* ceata can help us get ssl certificates from wosign.  what do you
  think?  or shall we wait for let's encrypt anyway?

* ceata is in the process of setting a paypal account for donations.

* ceata is enabling donations in EUR, USD and RON for wired transfers to
  their bank account

* once we have the info we can make an announcement (adding the FAIR and
  BTC addresses too).

* it's really important that any donation is marked as "parabola"
  somewhere in the description, so ceata can earmark those for us

* don't forget to thank tct and ceata for their help!

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