[Dev] [ARM] deblobbing RCN patch

André Silva emulatorman at riseup.net
Wed Sep 2 17:52:14 GMT 2015

On 09/02/2015 02:25 PM, Michał Masłowski wrote:
>> So, could i add them to our deblobbed RCN patch or it isn't possible
>> because they are under the same folder than am335x-pm-firmware.{bin,elf}
>> since the License is under main source folder?
> A short sequence of register accesses is not copyrightable, so the
> license is irrelevant.
> I haven't checked what reads these files, maybe they won't be used, but
> removing them would be additional work.

So, since those files aren't not copyrightable, i'll add them to our
deblobbed patch to avoid additional work for us. Maybe they won't be
used like you say, but we could get a better info about it after
Gaming4JC build the kernel with it under testing.

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