[Dev] [ARM] BeagleBone Black donation

Gregory Tomko gregory.tomko at globalsign.com
Mon Oct 19 13:11:13 GMT 2015

Guess it went to the full mailing list anyway. Oh well. (Hi everyone)

I'll look into this a bit more and figure out which way I'll approach. Either way, I'll get you guys a Beaglebone Black! 


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On 10/19/2015 09:36 AM, Greg Tomko wrote:
> Hi André,
> The BeagleBone Black does require a power supply, I checked their main 
> site [1]. One thought I had was someone buying it from the U.S. and 
> shipping it. I found it for $49.99 [2] and since it's under $50 USD I 
> think it's excluded from VAT and other taxes, it just needs to be 
> shipped with PS Form 6182 [3].
> With all that said, I'm not sure if it's more of a hassle though to go 
> that route and if there is a risk of it getting stuck at customs. If 
> it does make sense, put that idea out to the group. Otherwise, what 
> options do you have for receiving funds? I'm willing to make a 
> donation for this. I didn't reply to the group because I'm selective 
> of when I want my name out there. :)

You're right, shipping in Uruguay under $ 50 USD are excluded from VAT and other taxes, and it just needs to be shipped with PS Form 6182, also i suggest you declare it as gift and we won't have problems with customs. Since 2 years ago, i bought some devices (eg. a cpu in Hong Kong and US) via online under those requirements without problems.

However, if you aren't sure send it under this way, you can donate with money under wire tranfer to our Parabola fund account [0] or money transfer under Western Union/More directly to coadde or me.


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