[Dev] [ARM] BeagleBone Black donation

André Silva emulatorman at riseup.net
Mon Oct 19 11:56:10 GMT 2015

Hi guys, since coadde and me are porting our x86 bootloaders (eg. GRUB
and also Lilo) to ARMv7, we need donations to buy or receive a
BeagleBone Black to continue develop it for those boards. It requires
have a real machine to be near at hand to do trial and error testing,
not from ssh or virtual environments because it's a bootloader porting.

We want BeagleBone Black because it's the one of most popular/hardest
single-board computers (SBCs) to do it. coadde and me are brazilian
hackers, however are in Uruguay/Argentina for now and only place that
sells it in Uruguay is robotec.com.uy at U$S 153.37, and Argentina i
could buy it through mercadolibre.com.ar at similar cost.

So, if somebody could help us on it, i'll very appreciate :)

Note: i don't know if it needs a power supply to works, then if you know
about it, please let me know.

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