[Dev] rEFInd icon

Jorge Araya Navarro elcorreo at deshackra.com
Fri Oct 16 16:18:48 GMT 2015

Well, that's related to the image of Parabola to the users, so I guess is my responsibility to
advice whoever is going to package rEFInd which 3D logo to use.

So, both proposals are OK. The (re)packager of rEFInd should take care of the rest. 

El viernes 16 de octubre del 2015 a las 0314 horas, Florian Pelz escribió:

> On 10/16/2015 07:46 AM, Jorge Araya Navarro wrote:
>> The last one before the last 3D logo is much better!
> Erm, yeah, they look almost the same.
> I put it on Git: https://pelzflorian.de/git/os-parabola/
> Is it OK if I ask for the last one [1] (or if you are serious the one
> before) to be included in rEFInd and say that this has been discussed
> and approved on our mailing list? Is there someone in charge (you?) who
> should decide this?
> I could do more shadow / more highlight / less dark, but I like it as it is.
> [1]
> https://pelzflorian.de/git/os-parabola/tree/os_parabola-035-combo-more-specular.png

👋 Pax et bonum.
Jorge Araya Navarro

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