[Dev] python packaging

Jorge Araya Navarro elcorreo at deshackra.com
Fri Oct 16 16:12:23 GMT 2015

AFAIK you cannot make setup.py fail when there is a dependency not met. I don't know how you can
generate a package for Parabola from calling the pypi command (but if you know how, just go ahead
and do it; it wouldn't be KISS though).

Another way to tackle this would be to call pypi after the package is installed for installing any
required dependency of that package (this means you have to manually list which package are those,
of course).

Last, but not least, you could check which python modules that package require and pack each module
for Parabola.

El viernes 16 de octubre del 2015 a las 0802 horas, fauno escribió:

> hey, question to people knowledgeable in python:
> i'm packaging bitmask from the leap project and it depends on a lot of
> python2 packages.  the issue is that i found out that `python2 setup.py
> install --root=$pkgdir` doesn't verify dependencies, so the build seems
> ok until you try to use the package and the import fails.
> this is very uncomfortable because i have to test every package to see
> what's missing, instead of the build process doing it for me.
> how can i make setup.py fail when a dependency isn't met?  or how should
> i programatically pull a pypi package and every dependency and generate
> correct pkgbuilds from them?

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