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Gregory Tomko gregory.tomko at globalsign.com
Fri Oct 16 11:34:50 GMT 2015

> does globalsign provide wildcard certificates?

As a product we do offer wildcard certificates [1]; for the promotion, by default we provide a single domain-validated certificate. If the project has sub-domains they need covered, we allow the addition of sub-domain SANs so that you can cover your primary domain & sub-domains on a single certificate. 

If the project has something like 10 or 20 sub-domains, we can issue a wildcard certificate as part of the promotion, provided that the sub-domains are all related to or in support of the project applying. The other exception is if there is a technical requirement such as automatically generating sub-domains where you wouldn't know them in advance. Sandstorm is a good example of auto-generating sub-domains [2].  

Let me know if you have any follow up questions. 

[1] https://www.globalsign.com/en/ssl/wildcard-ssl/
[2] https://blog.sandstorm.io/news/2015-10-01-free-ssl-certificates.html 

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Jorge Araya Navarro <elcorreo at deshackra.com> writes:

> That warning really sucks. Those are the little things that could make 
> Parabola accessible to people, even if they don't go and download a copy of the ISO.

fwiw we do have an http only page that tells you why we are https only, try http://parabola.nu

does globalsign provide wildcard certificates?


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