[Dev] rEFInd icon

Florian Pelz pelzflorian at pelzflorian.de
Thu Oct 15 15:44:13 GMT 2015

Hi. I'm a user of both Parabola and the rEFInd boot manager and would
like to have a proper Parabola icon on my boot screen and eventually ask
for it to be put upstream in rEFInd itself.

I tried [1], but it's a little flat. The Arch Linux rEFInd icon also
uses a more 3d version than the icon on their Web site. Then I took [2]
and put it in Blender and extruded it. A friend told me it would look
better if I extruded it a little more, so I did that too. Here's a


Do you think any of those look good enough for an official Parabola icon
in rEFInd? More generally, what do you think of an official
os_parabola.png in rEFInd?


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