[Dev] lol, parabola dev struggle goes on the comic

Dika Setya Prayogi dikasetyaprayogi at gmail.com
Tue Oct 13 14:10:08 GMT 2015

IngeGNUe - 18.48
to dev, assist ,wrote:

It's fun to gloat and all, but like other Arch spinoffs, Parabola still
relies on Arch as its upstream. No Arch, no Parabola. And with the vast
majority of things I do in Parabola, I can still rely on the Arch Wiki
to help me get it done. I think of Parabola as an improved version of Arch.
Maybe we should have an off-topic list :P

>Sure IngeGNUe and dont worry, the comic is not about war between arch and parabola, if you look closer it's main story is about misunderstanding and freedom, that makes sense and funy lol since arch is a bit hard to understand distro, arch have some ideology and concept that may hard to understand and it's may thing to spinning some word around. a part of it I add some freedom issue topic that is our work to tell it to the people. and one more thing, I never compare arch and parabola expect for the freedomness and funnies :-D .

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