[Dev] Server Concerns

Florian Pelz pelzflorian at pelzflorian.de
Sat Nov 21 07:12:20 GMT 2015

On 11/21/2015 03:26 AM, Luke Shumaker wrote:
> On Sun, 15 Nov 2015 15:25:31 -0500,
> Jorge Araya Navarro wrote:
>> Do Arch Linux have the technology behind AUR available to download, install and modify? it would
>> help us a lot if we want to have a PUR.
> Ask, and you shall receive.
> https://pur.parabola.nu/
> The rebranding and such is incomplete, but I guess it's usable.

OK. Looks nice and thank you, but I still have doubts. What is supposed
to be uploaded there?

- The same packages as on AUR? Then a whitelist would be just as good
and easier to maintain.

- So I suppose it's so originally non-free, cleaned packages can be
posted? I'd think these could be put on the real AUR just as well so
Parabola users need only search in one place. Maybe they would be
slightly harder to find because they could not be called e.g. pidgin-git
but only pidgin-libre-git. Unless of course real AUR does not want such
packages -- in that case PUR would of course have a reason to exist.

- A danger I perceive is that PUR will have software that is not
available on AUR at all, i.e. not just nonfree/semifree. Then Arch users
may want to search PUR. I don't think we should compete with Arch on this.

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