[Dev] Server Concerns

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Mon Nov 16 18:55:44 GMT 2015

> x86 means i686 + x86_64?


> this is a little low, no?

Scripts should check this, not us.

>> 15G     arch_gnu+linux_x86_community
>> 8.3G    parabola_gnu+linux
>> 4.8G    others
> we should delete old version of sourceballs

We could after deleting all ISOs with packages using them.

>> 1.3G    pac
> that does this mean?

Parabola Art Collections, it should be in a git repo somewhere.

>> 35G     total
>> Whole /src:

It's /srv.

>> 0       ftp
>> 641M    git
> `git gc` everything?

Not very efficient, but:

for d in $(find . -name '*.git') ; do su $(stat -c$U $d) -s /bin/sh -c "cd $d && git gc" ; done

422M afterwards.

We should cron it.  Mostly for performance, not for disk usage.

>> 97G     repo
>> 8.0G    sql
> this is a little high, no?

3.4G    mysql
4.6G    postgres


SELECT pg_database.datname, pg_size_pretty(pg_database_size(pg_database.datname)) AS size FROM pg_database;
    datname    |  size   
 postgres      | 6740 kB
 template0     | 6441 kB
 chiliproject  | 23 MB
 labs          | 44 MB
 parabolitsa   | 1312 MB
 piratetracker | 8529 kB
 roundup       | 12 MB
 template1     | 6601 kB

We have several old backups of this data, for various PostgreSQL
versions and architectures.

MySQL doesn't have such backups; I don't know its root password and I'm
not interested in resetting it again.
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